This Is This: The Incredible Jazz Journey Of Weather Report

‘This Is This: The Incredible Jazz Journey Of Weather Report’ is a still in production documentary film on the legendary American jazz fusion group Weather Report which was co-fronted by jazz fusion pioneers Joe Zawinul (keyboards) and Wayne Shorter (saxophone). The film has been (and still is) in development and has been produced by one of Joe Zawinul’s sons, more specifically Tony Zawinul.

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‘This Is This: The Incredible Journey Of Weather Report’ (as the production is also alternatively known) will reveal the amazing and fascinating career of one of jazz fusion most finest bands ever (if not the most finest), from its beginnings in the early 1970s to their heyday during the mid to late 1970s and well beyond into the 1980s, highlighting the major achievements of one of the most beloved jazz rock bands of all times.

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The documentary has the following trailer on Youtube in which saxophonist Wayne Shorter has the word. It starts with some vintage video flashbacks of the two co-frontmen of the band talking briefly about either their adaptation to the life in the United States coming from Europe (in Zawinul’s case) to the artistic similarities with regard to performing style (in Wayne Shorter’s case). Afterwards, the first notes and chords from the iconic ‘Heavy Weather‘ song ‘Birdland’ kick in, making for a true Weather Report atmosphere for the audience:

According to the reviews of the prestigious DownBeat magazine (mostly, that is, apart from the sole unfortunate exception for ‘Mr. Gone‘ in 1978), Weather Report is one of the most distinguished jazz fusion bands ever, receiving, almost on an annual basis, very high star rankings for their records (and rightfully so, given that they did the stuff of legend). They achieved both commercial and critical success mainly throughout the 1970s, but they still continued to perform well into 1986, albeit with several line-up changes on the way.

Therefore, that being said, we can only patiently wait for the release date of this amazing date… Until then, jazz fusion fans can rest assured that is in very good hands production-wise! All the best and thank you very much for your attention, time, and readership!

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