Trio of Doom – Jazz Fusion Supergroup And Album

‘Trio of Doom‘ is the title of a very short-lived jazz rock/jazz fusion supergroup which was active solely in 1979 and had a fantastic line-up which included John McLaughlin on guitar (frontman of legendary American jazz rock/jazz fusion band Mahavishnu Orchestra), Jaco Pastorius on electric bass guitar (best known for… Read more“Trio of Doom – Jazz Fusion Supergroup And Album”

Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Lost Trident Sessions (1999)

‘The Lost Trident Sessions’ is the last studio album released by the legendary jazz fusion ensemble Mahavishnu Orchestra which was fronted during the 1970s and 1980s by the great English guitar virtuoso John McLaughlin. It is a studio album released after the end of the musical activity of the band… Read more“Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Lost Trident Sessions (1999)”

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Jazz Fusion Legends

Mahavishnu Orchestra were one of the finest jazz fusion bands of the 1970s (and of all times, actualy). Fronted by the extremely technical yet gentle legendary jazz fusion guitarist John McLaughlin (also known as ‘Mahavishnu’ John McLaughlin), the band underwent several line-up changes or different ‘incarnations’ as it refined its… Read more“Mahavishnu Orchestra – Jazz Fusion Legends”