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At Hard Rock Café in Bucharest (January 2020)

My name is Victor Rouă and I’m a young, 25-year-old Romanian BSc student in digital media, well-experienced Wikipedian, poet, freelance writer, independent and self-published author on Amazon, aspiring musician with a SoundCloud profile, former student radio presenter, current student TV presenter (with a previous experience on the matter as well), and, last but not least, an open-minded person with a practical sense of discipline and a good sense of both humour and respect.

I have been blogging since the late 2000s onwards on various platforms, beginning in the year 2008 on the bygone Yahoo 360° (at that time aged only 11), then switching to Blogger one year later in 2009, before ultimately ‘landing’ on WordPress roughly two years later in 2010.

Since early 2015 to the present day, I have been constantly writing for The Dockyards (a mainly history-based online resource) and from 2016 to the present day for the Steem crypto currency-based blockchain. Starting from July 2020, I switched to Steem’s fork HIVE where I also maintain a blog. From 2016, I have also been self-publishing two books (both a non-fiction/historical novel and a poetry volume) on Amazon. The poetry volume has been unpublished in the meantime, given the fact that I want to work more on it. I expect it to be re-published at some point in early 2023.

In the meantime, my non-fiction historical volume on the Viking era had also been positively reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads (solely to a moderate extent). Both volumes were even issued on other websites, in particular the unpublished poetry volume, pertaining to different publishing houses (for example Saxo in Denmark, AbeBooks in England, Dymocks in Australia, or Mighty Tape in New Zealand).

Working as a student radio presenter (November 2020) at Radio USV, first day of work there (with a smile behind the mask)

Additionally, since mid 2013, I have also been constantly releasing my music under such platforms as iCompositions (which, quite sadly as of 2018, went defunct) and SoundCloud, under the username ‘Obscured by Clouds‘ (a reference to one of my all time most favourite studio albums by English progressive rock band Pink Floyd).

When I’m not blogging, some of my most favourite hobbies and leisure activities include reading, sketching, and playing guitar. Last but not least, between November 2020 and October 2021, I have been working at the local student radio station of Ștefan cel Mare University (USV) in Suceava, Romania, my hometown in northeastern Romania. It is there that I previously had a weekly one hour-long rock music show entitled ‘Let’s Get Rocked!’ which focused on the history and careers of many rock classics, ranging from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or Simon & Garfunkel (and even beyond to more recent rock bands of our days). Subsequently, I continued my work independently with this show as a podcast on Youtube.

The Earliest Roots Of This Project (2011–2012)

This website was initially created a long time ago, more specifically way back in mid 2011. Given that Rockpedia was created in mid 2011, I feel that I need to reiterate the fact that during the respective period of time I was just an ordinary teenager who gradually got more and more immersed into rock music (as I grew up with it even before my teenage years) and, consequently, decided to keep track of his musical interests in an independent digital project.

The initial logo of (The) Rockpedia between mid 2011 to late 2012. Note the lack of the grammatical article ‘the’ in the composition of the title. Additionally, the domain extension ended in .co instead of .com.

Eventually, under the web address www.rockpedia.co (and the actual domain name ‘Rockpedia’), this teenage project of mine proved to be a very short-lived one, spanning from mid 2011 to late 2012, two years of my life corresponding to a series of memorable concerts and festivals that I had exclusively attended in the capital of my home country, Bucharest.

At that point in time, Rockpedia represented a truthful digital outlet of all of my musical experiences and overall evolution into the depths of rock music, ranging from reviews of the albums of my favourite bands and artists, to the lyrics of the songs that had a special meaning to me, and, ultimately, to editorials related to news involving band members or recent developments regarding tours and musical equipment.

As 2012 was coming to an end, due to personal reasons, the project was indefinitely put on hold. Roughly 7 years later, in 2019, as I was studying abroad in Scandinavia for my last bachelor’s year, I decided to recommence working on one of my most soulful personal projects, after an extremely long period of hiatus, striving in the process to keep a promise that I made to myself as a teenager.

The New Rockpedia (2019–present)

Once recommencing the work on this website in the autumn of 2019, the main objective of the new version of Rockpedia was set to provide its target audience with high quality audio-video material and excellent written content on rock bands, artists, concerts, festivals, related technical equipment, and so much more, while also meeting the standards of a modern, fresh-looking digital platform that would gradually surface on the global web domain market.

The website logo as of September 2019

As such, currently, this independent project finds itself into a totally new stage of development, maintaining its old objectives to share as much information as possible from the tremendous legacy of rock music while also trying to find its place as a well-established niche among the music-based websites out there on the world wide web.

That being said, I truly hope you will have a pleasant time as a reader on Rockpedia and I wholeheartedly wish you to keep on rocking in the free world!

Break on through,
Sincerely and respectfully,
Victor Rouă


Additionally, for work-related inquiries (e.g. guest posting or the like) please contact me over this e-mail address: [email protected]. You can also check my Europass CV on my LinkedIn profile here.


The font used for the text in the website’s header image (which is a direct reference to The Doors) is called ‘Densmore‘ and is in the public domain (therefore licensed CC0 and available for both personal and commercial use).