Collective Soul – A Great American Alternative Rock Band

Collective Soul is an American alternative rock and post-grunge band from the East Coast, more specifically from Stockbridge, Georgia, that has been active since 1992 to the present day. Nowadays, they are based in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. Best known for their first two studio albums, more specifically ‘Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid’ (1994) and the eponymous ‘Collective Soul’ (1995), the band made a strong impact on American alternative rock and is one of the most finest representatives of the genre, potentially the best alternative rock group from the East Coast.

The band has been fronted by Ed Roland since the year of its formation onwards. Ed performs on lead vocals and keyboards and provides additional guitars as well. He is the primary songwriter of the band. His brother, Dean Roland, has been performing on rhythm guitars within the band since 1992 onwards. Aside from the two, bassist and backing vocalist Will Turpin is the third continuous co-founding member who remained in the band and is part of the current line-up as of 2022. Additionally, relative new members Johnny Rabb (drums and percussion) and Jesse Triplett are part of the present-day version of the band.

Collective Soul (1995) frontal cover artwork. Image source: Google Images

In my mid teen years during the 2010s, I really enjoyed partially listening to their first two studio albums and particularly to the following three great songs: ‘The World I Know’, ‘December’, and ‘Shine’. Therefore, that being said and without any further needless ado on my behalf, I wholeheartedly recommend integrally listening to the aforementioned three great songs by amazing American alternative rock band Collective Soul down below via Youtube:

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