Steve Vai – Flex-Able Leftovers (1984), Instrumental Rock EP

Flex-Able Leftovers‘ is the title of a limited edition vinyl EP (i.e. extended play) released by American virtuoso guitarist Steve Siro Vai in 1984, as a supplement to ‘Flex-Able‘ which was previously issued earlier during the same year. As the main LP towards which this EP bears reference in its name, the recording sessions for this record took place between 1982 and 1984. And, just in the case of the main studio album, the listener can definitely feel the influence of legendary Frank Zappa on it.

Steve Vai – Flex-Able Leftovers (1984) frontal cover artwork. A rather surreal and quite mystical painting indeed. Image source:

In 1984, this EP was only released under two editions as follows:

  • The first edition (numbering 1,000 units) by Urantia Records.
  • The second edition (numbering 1,000 units as well) with a different cover artwork by Akashic Records.

Both editions have a total running length of 32 minutes and 25 seconds. The entire EP boasts of great instrumental rock. The EP consists of two sides and a total of 8 tracks. Each side includes 4 tracks. The first side is titled ‘In Side’ whereas the second is titled ‘Out Side’. The entire tracklist is as follows (all songs written by Steve Vai unless otherwise noted):

  1. You Didn’t Break It (Bob Harris and Suzannah Harris);
  2. Bledsoe Bluvd;
  3. The Beast of Love (Joe Kearney);
  4. Burnin’ Down the Mountain;
  5. So Happy (Steve Vai and Laurel Fishman);
  6. Details at 10;
  7. Little Pieces of Seaweed (Steve Vai and Larry Kutcher);
  8. Chronic Insomnia.

The recording personnel was as follows:

  • Steve Vai – lead vocals and background vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, coral sitar, keyboards and electric piano as well as bass guitar;
  • Scott Collard – synthesizer;
  • Larry Crane – piccolo xylophone, bell lyre, vibraphone;
  • Fammin – vocals;
  • Lilian Vai – vocals;
  • Laurel Fishman – vocals;
  • Joe Kearney – vocals;
  • Larry Kutcher – vocals and lyrics for one track (more specifically ‘Little Pieces of Seaweed’);
  • Stu Hamm – vocals and bass guitar;
  • Suzannah Harris – background vocals;
  • Bob Harris – vocals (programmed by drums);
  • Tommy Mars – vocals, violin, and keyboards;
  • Chad Wackerman – drums;
  • Pete Zeldman – percussion.

The technical personnel was as follows:

  • Steve Vai – producer, engineer, mixing, cover artwork;
  • John Matousek – mastering;
  • Mark Pinske – mastering (assistant).

Therefore, that being said and without further needless ado or unwanted spoilers on my behalf, hereby the entire EP, track by track via Youtube. Enjoy, all the best, and rock on!

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