Mr. Mister – A Great Yet Underrated New Wave Band

Mr. Mister was a great yet relatively underrated American new wave band which was fronted by bassist and lead vocalist Richard Page. The band was formed in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America in in 1982 and was active throughout the 1980s until 1990. Fast forward, many years later, the band had a one-off reunion in 2023. They were signed with RCA and Little Dume Recordings (Richard Page’s independent label). The band was a quartet which was composed of Richard Page on lead vocals and bass, Steve George on backing vocals, saxophone, and keyboards, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums as well as percussion, and Steve Farris on backing vocals and guitars. Aside from new wave, their music can also be labelled as pop rock.

Even though the band was formed in Phoenix, Arizona, it was actually based in Los Angeles, California. All four band members previously worked as session musician, with frontman Richard Page having composed for other artists, including Rick Springfield. Throughout a time period spanning approximately 8 years, namely from 1982 up until 1990, the band managed to release 3 studio albums as follows:

  • I Wear the Face (1984);
  • Welcome to the Real World (1985);
  • Go On… (1987).

In addition to these three studio albums, the band also released a fourth LP entitled ‘Pull’ in 2010 through Richard Page’s independent label, Little Dume Recordings, in collaboration with Sony Music as well. The aforementioned studio album was actually a record which could have been released in 1990, when it was completed, but RCA Recordings decided not to release it. The group was particularly successful with Welcome to the Real World, their second studio album released in 1985. On it are the hits Kyrie and Broken Wings.

The Australian single version of Broken Wings by Mr. Mister, released by RCA Victor Records. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The single version of Broken Wings by Mr. Mister released by RCA Records in New Zealand. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Fun fact/trivia: The band is mentioned in the song ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ by Train in the following line of the lyrics: ‘Ain’t that Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo?’.

Below is a personal selection of my most favourite songs by Mr. Mister. I truly hope you will like them! All the best and rock on, or, as the band said it on their second last studio album, go on…

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