Goanna – One Of The Finest Australian Rock Bands Ever

Goanna is one of the finest Australian rock bands ever! The band formed in 1977 in the port city of Geelong, Victoria and had been active until 1985 (disbanding subsequently in 1987), before marking a hiatus which lasted until 1998, the year in which they briefly re-united, and subsequently since 2021, the year after which they are still active. The band’s music is a mixture of folk rock and alternative rock, revolving around the compositions of frontman, singer-songwriter, and guitarist Shane Howard.

The airplane over Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) from Goanna’s debut studio album entitled ‘Spirit of Place‘. Image source: www.youtube.com

Goanna’s music grew popular in Australia during the early 1980s given the band’s integration of social protest with rock music. This was highlighted by the release of ‘Spirit of Place‘ in 1982 which was awarded 4 times Platinum in their native Australia. The respective studio album, their debut as well, produced two singles as follows: ‘Solid Rock‘ (which was released in September 1982) and ‘Razor’s Edge‘ (which was released in March 1983).

Spirit of Place‘ was initially released in November 1982, but the record sessions for the album spanned from March to June during that year. The first hit single ‘Solid Rock‘ is a protest song revolving around the rights of the Indigenous Australians.

Goanna – Spirit of Place (1982), the band’s debut studio album, depicting a plane flying past Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock). Image source: www.blogspot.com

The band subsequently released their second studio album entitled ‘Oceania‘ in April 1985, but this one was not as commercially successful as their debut. It only charted on position 29 in the Australian music chart Kent Music Report. Nevertheless, the record has a very beautiful frontal cover artwork and boasts of a new sound which encompasses various other sub-genres of rock music, most notably experimental rock and art rock.

Goanna – Oceania (1985), the band’s second studio album with a very beautiful frontal cover artwork. Image source: www.blogspot.com

Goanna released their final studio album to this date in 1998, which was titled ‘Spirit Returns‘. They also have one live album which was issued in September 2020, more specifically ‘Live at Canberra Workers Club 1985‘. Prior to releasing their debut studio album in 1982, the band also released a debut EP (i.e. extended play) in 1979 which was titled ‘The Goanna Band‘ (through EMI Music; the EP had a more pub rock sound). They have reformed since 2021.

Below you can listen to a personal selection of most favourite songs by Goanna. I truly hope you will like them! All the best and have an excellent audition in the musical company of one of Australia’s most finest rock bands ever!

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