Crowded House – A Great Rock Band From Australia

Crowded House are one of the most finest and greatest alternative rock bands from Australia. The band was formed in 1985 as ‘The Mullanes’ in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and performed until 1996. They reunited in 2006 and performed for five more years until 2011. Then another break followed until 2016, when they re-united once more. Since 2019, they have reunited one more time and have been active since.

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In 1985, when the band was formed, the founding members were Neil Finn (lead vocalist and guitarist; also the main songwriter of the band), Paul Hester (drummer), Nick Seymour (bassist). Neil Finn is from New Zealand whereas Paul Hester and Nick Seymour are from Australia.

It was later on that Neil’s brother, Tim and his songs Liam and Elroy, joined the band, along with Americans Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod. However, over the passing of time, it was only Neil and Nick who have been constant members of the band.

Crowded House came to prominence during the 1980s, more specifically starting with their very first eponymous studio album which was released in August 1986. The respective debut album also included the hit single ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ which was released on 20 October 1986.

Their music is a very interesting mixture of pop rock, jangle pop, indie rock, alternative rock, and new wave. In my humble opinion, as personally as it might get, I perceive their music as a very relaxing and therapeutical magic surreal blend. No wonder it’s so catchy, touching, and that it became so well known, after all…

Throughout their lengthy career, the band released 7 studio albums, their latest being ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ from 2021. They also released 6 live albums, 4 compilations, and 1 EP. Last but not least, Crowded House also won a series of noteworthy national and international musical awards and were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame (i.e. Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame) in November 2016, 30 years after they were formed.

Below is a personal selection of most favourite songs by Crowded House. I truly hope you will like listening to them and also watching their music videos. All the best!

This one is a very personal favourite of mine: 🙂

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