Weather Report Live In Tokyo, Japan (1984)

The legendary American jazz fusion/jazz rock band Weather Report performed a great concert in Tokyo, Japan in 1984, as part of their Domino Theory world tour. ‘Domino Theory‘ is the title of the band’s 12th studio album which was released in February 1984. The title of the LP is a reference towards the namesake American geopolitical theory which gained more and more ground in the public opinion of the United States and worldwide (in non-communist countries, that is) from the 1950s to the 1980s. In musical regards, ‘Domino Theory’ is the second Weather Report record to feature the rhythm section consisting of Omar Hakim (drums), Victor Bailey (bass guitar), and José Rossy (percussion).

Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul, co-founder and co-frontman of Weather Report alongside saxophonist Wayne Shorter, performing live on his keyboard/synth set in Tokyo, Japan in 1984. Image source:

The live performance embedded below via Youtube features a slightly different line-up for the band than the one credited on the ‘Domino Theory’ studio album, more specifically Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (saxophone), Victor Bailey (electric bass guitar), Omar Hakim (drums), and Mino Cinélu (percussion). Therefore, as it can be clearly noticed, Rossy was replaced by Cinélu for this concert in Tokyo, Japan.

The setlist of this concert is as follows (courtesy of Jukka Tarvonen in the comments’ section on Youtube):

  1. D Flat Waltz (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul);
  2. Sound check footage/duet (improvisation);
  3. Where the Moon Goes (music by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul and lyrics by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul and Nan O’Byrne);
  4. Medley:
    a) 8:30 (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul)
    b) Black Market (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul);
    b) Elegant People (composed by Wayne Shorter);
    c) Swamp Cabbage (composed by Wayne Shorter);
    d) Badia (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul);
    f) A Remark You Made (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul);
    g) Birdland (composed by Josef ‘Joe’ Zawinul).

As it can be clearly noticed from above, the band performed material from ‘Domino Theory’ but also from ‘Procession‘ (1983), ‘8:30‘ (live album from 1979), ‘Black Market‘ (1976), ‘Tale Spinnin’‘ (1975), and their iconic ‘Heavy Weather‘ (1977).

Therefore, that being said and without any further needless ado, I wholeheartedly recommend integrally listening and watching the following great Weather Report concert recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 1984, as part of the Domino Theory world tour. Enjoy and all the best!

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