Supertramp, The Legendary Progressive Rock Giants

Supertramp was a legendary English progressive rock and classic rock band which was formed in London, England in 1969. Centered around co-frontmen and co-founders Roger Hodgson (lead vocals, keyboards, and guitars) and Rick Davies (co-lead vocals, backing vocals, and keyboards) throughout the years (who were also the band’s most prominent songwriters), Supertramp managed to achieve cult status among progressive rock fans worldwide throughout the 1970s, most notably with two iconic studio albums, namely ‘Crime of the Century’ (1974) and ‘Breakfast in America’ (1979).

Breakfast in America (1979), vintage audio cassette. Image source:

During the 1970s and 1980s, the band’s overall sound meddled progressive rock with pop influences while including the musical staple of the Wurlitzer electric piano. In addition, the band’s overall sound was also marked by art rock and soft rock. The group had also suffered multiple line-up changes over the years. Rick Davies was the only constant member throughout the passing of time. Roger Hodgson’s departure from the band due to creative differences led the group to a leadership under Davies during the 1980s. Aside from Davies, other notable longtime members of the band include the following: bassist Dougie Thomas, drummer Bob Siebenberg, or saxophonist John Helliwell.

Davies’ leadership of Supertramp lasted from 1983 until 1988 when the band disbanded. However, afterwards, the group have reformed under various line-ups for several years, firstly between 1996 and 2002, secondly between 2010 and 2011, and then thirdly, finally, in 2015.

Supertramp is one of the best-selling progressive rock acts in music history, with over 60 million units of their albums sold worldwide, as of 2007. The band grew very popular in the UK and also in Western Europe as well as in North America, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Out of all English-speaking countries, Supertramp were best sold in Canada where they had two diamond-certified (i.e. ten times platinum) studio albums, more specifically their iconic ‘Crime of the Century’ (1974) and ‘Breakfast in America’ (1979) as well as two number one singles (the best achievement for any single they had released worldwide), namely ‘The Logical Song’ and ‘Dreamer’.

In the passing of time, the band had released 11 studio albums as follows:

  1. Supertramp (1970);
  2. Indelibly Stamped (1971);
  3. Crime of the Century (1974);
  4. Crisis? What Crisis? (1975);
  5. Even in the Quietest Moments… (1977);
  6. Breakfast in America (1979);
  7. …Famous Last Words… (1982);
  8. Brother Where You Bound (1985);
  9. Free as a Bird (1987);
  10. Some Things Never Change (1997);
  11. Slow Motion (2002).

In addition to their studio albums, Supertramp also released 6 live albums, 4 compilation albums, 19 music videos, 28 singles.

Below are a series of personal favourites from the discography of Supertramp, songs which made my life more beautiful by enriching it with empathy, kindness, hope, and many more. Thanks to the following songs, I managed to hang tough and stay more resilient in the face of life’s many adversities, knowing very well I’m not all and that others had it, very much unfortunately I should add, far worse in far nastier times. I truly hope you will like listening to them (in particular ‘Brother Where You Band’ which is a collaboration with ex-Pink Floyd virtuoso guitarist David Gilmour) all. Enjoy, all the best, plenty of health, stay safe, many blessings, and great peace your way! God bless you!

P.S. Know very well that you’re bloody well right!

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