Jaco Pastorius Band – “So What?” Belgian TV Show (1985)

Legendary American bass virtuoso Jaco Pastorius together with his backing band performed at the “So What?” Belgian TV show in 1985. Jaco and his band played live in the show’s studio for about 45 minutes. The setlist for this recorded live TV performance is as follows:

  1. Dolphin Dance;
  2. If You Could See Me Now;
  3. Drum solo;
  4. Drum and saxophone solo;
  5. Three Views of a Secret;
  6. Bass guitar solo;
  7. Continuum;
  8. America;
  9. Twins;
  10. Liberty City.

Jaco’s backing band included the following musicians:

  • Paco Sery – drums;
  • Jon Davis – piano;
  • Paul Mousavizadeh – guitar;
  • Azar Lawrence – saxophone and percussion.

In addition to his backing band, there have also been the following two musical guests who had also participated in the live performance:

  • Toots Thielemans – harmonica (Belgian jazz legend);
  • Michel Hatzigeorgiou – bass guitar.

Aside from playing electric bass guitar, Jaco also played on keyboards and provided percussion as well, thereby showcasing his skills as a very gifted multi-instrumentalist at the same time.

Legendary American bass virtuoso Jaco Pastorius performing live on Belgian TV on the show ‘So What?’ together with his backing band in 1985. Image source: www.youtube.com

Dressed elegantly and performing elegant music (as always, of course), Jaco Pastorius and his backing band did a great live performance on Belgian TV in 1985. To the best of my knowledge after the research conducted so far on the internet, this live performance has never been released commercially on a DVD though it can be also bought online (as paradoxically as it might seem at first glance). If interested, you can buy it online here.

Therefore, that being said and without any further needless ado on my behalf, I wholeheartedly recommend integrally watching and listening to the great live performance of legendary, highly creative, tremendously technical, and amazing bass virtuoso Jaco Pastorius at the ‘So What?’ TV show on Belgian TV in 1985, as embedded in remastered format via Youtube below. Enjoy and all the best!

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