Bobby McFerrin – The Legendary Jazz Singer

Bobby McFerrin (born Robert Keith McFerrin Jr.) is a great and legendary jazz and world music singer-songwriter with a long-lasting and very esteemed musical career. Very popular thanks to his 1988 hit single ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy‘, Bobby McFerrin’s long musical career does not limit itself to this artistic breakthrough…. Read more“Bobby McFerrin – The Legendary Jazz Singer”

Jan Garbarek – One Of The Finest Jazz Saxophonists Ever

Jan Garbarek (born in 1947 in Mysen, Østfold, southeastern Norway) is one of the finest jazz saxophonists of all times and a great musician who has been collaborating with various other jazz artists throughout the passing of time (such as Keith Jarrett or Miroslav Vitouš, one of the founding members… Read more“Jan Garbarek – One Of The Finest Jazz Saxophonists Ever”