Supertramp, The Legendary Progressive Rock Giants

Supertramp was a legendary English progressive rock and classic rock band which was formed in London, England in 1969. Centered around co-frontmen and co-founders Roger Hodgson (lead vocals, keyboards, and guitars) and Rick Davies (co-lead vocals, backing vocals, and keyboards) throughout the years (who were also the band’s most prominent… Read more“Supertramp, The Legendary Progressive Rock Giants”

Tabula Rasa – A Fantastic Finnish Progressive Rock Band

Tabula Rasa was a fantastic Finnish progressive rock band. The group was musically active between from 1972 until 1977. Formed in 1972 in either Tampere or Kangasala (my two research sources are contradictory with respect to their city/town of origin), Finland, Tabula Rasa was a major Finnish rock band of… Read more“Tabula Rasa – A Fantastic Finnish Progressive Rock Band”